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Insight Travel Company is very self serving, putting money making priorities in favor of commissioned merchants and travel guides. Buyer Beware, their shopping tours are a sham, misrepresenting you, the trusting tourist.

Their guides consciously misrepresent goods and encourage purchases. When confronted with receipt of fraudulent merchandise, they chose to support their commissioned merchant and guide, over their paying client. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

In this day and time when guides place so much fear of terroism, stealing, and on and on.

Should we not at least be able to trust their shopping advice??? Insight Travel is the biggest theif!!!!

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1224631

just got back from Spain, Portugal and Morocco with Insight and yes agree with all what you had to say 3 wasted days, too many optional optional add-on tours at exorbitant rates and tour leaded not wanting to bring those that chose not to go on the tours back to the hotel, tour leader exaggerating on the merits of the hotels we stayed in and every buffet at the hotel was soooo gooood when in fact it was not up to expectations.

Rip off for the add on tours was a joke, ie. 28 euros for a short 1/2 trip and then 20 euros for a supposedly peri peri chicken dinner with chips and sooooo beautiful wines , the chicken was tough, the wine not fit to drink and the peri peri?

we had a chicken lunch at a little place the day before with a beer added on and it only cost my wife and I 10 euros for the two of us, what a rip off, who was making the profit?. All in All the tour leader should have been a TV presenter he built everything up to be soooo fabulous that at the end of the day people were saying here he goes again.

One optional tour was 53 Euros in Portugal one group went to the same place and paid 5 Euros for transport had a nice lunch for 10 euros, tour leader was not happy when he saw them at the same place. Always pressing about gratuities for all of the many small tour leaders we had, basically he was just a baggage count on and off man the driver did all the loading, he just did all of the exaggerating.

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